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OK Then! ^-^

2007-10-27 10:40:58 by DudeInMud

Well, after my first submission was blammed, I made 'bong protection instead, after being told that to have your first submission blammed is normal'!

Check it out! ^-^

My seccond submission was blammed. xD Lmao.

I just got Flash! :O
Well, when I've learned the basics, as I'm rather good with animating, line spacing and all that, I'm going to upload my flash work. A few of my mates have agreed to do voice overs too, and I have all ready started writing stories for Flash.

Keep posted!
-Luke ^^


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2007-12-08 13:39:43

YOU ROCK!!! Nacho Libre Rules!!!


2008-04-03 21:34:28

hanging wit mates and cooking what does that tell you

DudeInMud responds:

idk, you tell me.


2008-07-13 20:48:43

I give a fuck asswhole


2011-08-01 09:32:41

:D tough luck, huh? My first 5 submissions weren't blammed at all XD And I'm still submitting.